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With a round trip ticket, for continuing travel, and a valid passport; citizens of the United States of America, Canada, Germany, Spain and Italy can visit Costa Rica for a stay up to 90 days. No visa from a consular office is required. Citizens of other countries should check in their own country for visa requirements.


Visitors who wish to extend their visit beyond the 90 day limit should contact an Immigration Officer upon arrival. Costa Rica Tourist Cards can be purchased from airlines that serve Costa Rica


Tourism & Development In Costa Rica

Amazing numbers define Costa Rica's ecology: somewhere between 500,000 and a million total species of flora and fauna; hundreds of thousands, perhaps even a million species of insects; 2,000 species of orchids; 208 species of mammals; 850 species of birds; endless thousands of species of moths and butterflies. In a space that occupies less than three ten-thousands of the earth's surface are 5 percent of all of the plant and animal species on the planet.

Costa Rica has something for everyone. From hiking in rain forests and mountains, relaxing on beaches, to snorkeling through tropical reefs and surfing some of the best waves in Central America, Costa Rica is a natural wonderland. With both a Pacific and Caribbean coast, there are plenty of beaches in Costa Rica.

Some developed for tourism while others are remote and rarely visited. Costa Rica's charm is embodied in its forests, its unpredictable volcanoes, its endless shores and its underwater marvels. If you haven't walked at least one of its jungle trails, you can't claim to have visited Costa Rica, for therein lies the essence of the country, its inner meaning, its vibrant life woven between its enchanting shorelines to cover its picturesque mountain chains. You can reach out and own a piece of paradise while it is still affordable and here at Montana Samara we provide everything you need to make your dreams come true. A friendly professional staff, detailed information on every aspect of purchasing and protecting your investment.