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Former Trump Financial Executive Talks About Costa Rica


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Join Key Note Speaker, Mr. Moe Montana who is considered a leading authority on International Real Estate Development.



The Seminar Discusses:

  • Why is Costa Rica's Real Estate Market the "Hottest Real Estate Market".
  • What is the secret of Costa Rica that is attracting millions of people to vacation, retire, relocate and heavily invest into a country with a population of only 4.5 million people?
  • Canadians and Americans Double Their Net Worth in Costa Rica - True or False?
  • Europeans Nearly Triple Their Net Worth in Costa Rica - True or False?
  • China is investing billions into Costa Rica - True or False?  If so why?
  • If There is a World War Conflict with Iran Would Not The Fallout Impact All Nations in the Northern Hemisphere of The World on the highest Economic, Environmental and Biological Health Levels.  - True or False, if True - What's Your Plan B?
  • Samara, Costa Rica is one of the best places to Invest prior to 2016 - True or False?
  • Much more!

Mr. Montana has performed valuations for numerous International Real Estate Developments seeking million to billion dollar funding for development, expansion or construction.  Moe has also served as Senior Project Development Consultant to numerous international developments, namely in Central and South America.


Moe was also a Sr. Commercial Loan Officer for Trump Financial (dissolved 2010) a former subsidiary of the TRUMP ORGANIZATION* and has been a Key Note Speaker and Panelist for: LATIN AMERICA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT WORLD (organized via Terrapinn.com).


Mr. Montana has worked in Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Panama.


The TRUMP ORGANIZATION and its former subsidiary (TRUMP Financial) do not have any affiliation with Montana Samara or advocating in promoting Costa Rica.  These entities serve solely as credentials for Mr. Moe Montana.